About Krissy

Krissy spent 10 years in the banking/ financial world before taking a step into the real estate. Being born and raised in Oregon, Krissy understands the ins and outs of the Pacific Northwest. She has spent her life living throughout the state. With this experience she has a unique outlook on all types of properties. From spending her early years on a farm outside of Portland, to growing up in the timber industry of Southern Oregon, she then received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon and finally circling back to the city where she was born, Portland. She prides herself on listening and understanding the different needs of her clients. She is able to bring these experiences to her real estate business everyday.

Krissy recently aligned her services with Living Room Realty. A local real estate establishment that matches her need to help and support the community around her.

What People Say

“She handled the closing process diligently & effectively even with last minute adjustments.”


“She went above and beyond what we expected. “


“Krissy was genuine, honest and real with us. She never felt like a salesperson & more like a friend helping us. “